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Becoming The Village

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GHANA GIVE is a heart mission.  It is a "we desire to see children blessed" mission.

The missions’ goals are to ensure that the children we serve in Ghana aren’t going without the basic necessities of life, as well as, affording them the opportunities so many children in underserved communities experience. Ensuring that there is food for them to eat, and access to clean water. We know that millions of people lack access to safe clean water. Water for drinking, daily basic hygiene needs, and for food preparation.

We are committed to building safe environments for them to live, hence the development of our state-of-the-art Orphanage, and our Y.N.O.W. Initiative, (Youth Navigating Our World). It is our S.T.E.M. program, focusing on innovation and instruction in creative development and discovery in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The introduction of Coding and other innovated studies, will ensure that the children of Ghana are educated, equipped, and empowered, in the schools we will build, to effectively impact their communities and the world. 

GHANA GIVE is dedicated to ensuring that no child is left behind when it comes to education, which is why “She’s Cherished” is our feminine hygiene initiative. This initiative ensures that every girl gets to attend school, even during her time of menstruation, because access to sanitary supplies will always be readily available to her. 



Ghana Give is a nonprofit organization, and all donations can be written off. Please feel free to donate whatever amount you desire, or make a monthly commitment of $25 to sponsor a child. 

The overall vision of GHANA GIVE is to create duplicatable processes, with sustainable impact, while bridging the gap between what’s possible and what seems impossible. GHANA GIVES BACK!

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